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In the league of a few globally acclaimed Universities, disseminating education to innovate, think critical and unique, inculcating analytical abilities; NMIMS, Chandigarh is the undisputed torchbearer. Students here are galvanized to chew and digest new knowledge in the interdisciplinary domain of algorithmic business thinking, technology strategy, digital marketing and social media analytics, data analytics, artificial intelligence, business and corporate laws, IPR, sciences and accounting.

The rendezvous of NMIMS in the arena of higher education is an exemplar. Foraying in higher education to impart cutting edge management education, NMIMS has metamorphosed into a powerhouse of wisdom, intelligentsia and master craftsmanship. The University firmly believes in Abeunt studia in mores, i.e. studies pass into and influence manners. The students are infused with diligence, precision and vision. The University, with a missionary zeal and enthusiasm to take opportunities of quality and equal education to far-flung corners of the nation, has come up with campuses at Shirpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Indore, Navi Mumbai and Dhule. To traverse the path of multidisciplinary education, which is the hallmark of modern education philosophy, NMIMS Chandigarh offers programmes in Business Management, Pharmacy, Technology Management & Engineering, Hospitality, Architecture, Science, Commerce, Economics and Law. With a commitment to intellectual and social transformation through knowledge, NMIMS Chandigarh has cultivated the culture of holistic development of management skills in students through cultural, social and experiential diversity. NMIMS Chandigarh is a partner in the national mission of education for the creation of a better world.

The corporate ecosphere, fraught with uncertainty, throws up exciting and invigorating challenges to the young generation. The challenges have been existential as well as unsettling at times. The ace managers of NMIMS student fraternity, trained in the dual skill of Indian spiritual quintessence and contemporary western education, have reigned supreme in multiple corporate responsibilities. They have ensured that at the zenith of success, their names are always writ large.

The learning and skills development imparted at NMIMS goes way beyond the unidimensional academic approach. A multi-dimensional, innovative methodology which has its strong foundation on "Holistic Development of Management Skills” inculcates lateral thinking. A holistic approach indoctrinates a distinctive and sought-after proficiency in the students – work-life balance - managing self, family and work effectively and efficiently. Conscientious and proficient professionals who deliver excellence in all spheres personally and professionally. Personal development programs ("Integrated Yoga Practices & Power Yoga) are organised in tandem with contemporary business domain workshops (‘Smac', Disruptive Technologies, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce). Regular industry visits, Rural immersion and "We Care” with NGOs ensure an ideal blend of holistic management skills with Indian ethos and values in a global business environment. The constant endeavour at NMIMS Chandigarh is to provide world class infrastructure, eminent industry experienced faculty coupled with a sound pedagogy and dynamic curriculum, regularly tailored to be in sync with the changing industry needs. Equipped with cutting edge modern academic facilities like the Library including e-journals and access to global research paper publications and journals, extensive e-Databases and Bloomberg, Computer lab, Language lab, Cafeteria, Yoga room, Music room, Gymnasium and Sports facilities, the campus is truly global in its outlook and infrastructure.

Established amid scenic, pristine and idyllic natural environment, bestowed with awe-inspiring infrastructure, NMIMS Chandigarh is an island of equanimity in the midst of the hustle-bustle of the financial capital of India. The campus is a reverie, an epitome of elegance and chic and an aesthetic treat to eyes.

The Chandigarh campus is an architectural marvel - beautiful, functional as well as practical in design. The campus exudes Indian ethos and cultural values. It also synchronously imbibes the western education model with its emphasis on skill development to ensure that the students are transformed as leaders who can thrive amidst the challenging dynamics of a turbulent international business environment.

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