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Dr. Ashish Mogra

Dr. Ashish Mogra
Assistant Professor
Mechanical/ STME

B.E. (Mechanical Engineering, RGPV, Bhopal), M. Tech (Thermal System Design, SVNIT, Surat), PhD Pursuing (Mechanical Engineering, AMITY University Jaipur)

Experience Summary: - Total 12 years of teaching experience

Research Related activities:-

PhD pursuing


Publications in Journals:

1. Ashish Mogra, Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Krishna Kumar Gupta, Sugam Shivhare, Vivekanand Bagal, Development and Characterization of Cu-Al2O3Nanocomposite Coating using Electrodeposition Process on Copper Substrate, J. Inst. Eng. India Ser. C https://doi.org/10.1007/s40032-022-00863-3.(Scopus Indexed)

2. Ashish Mogra, Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Krishna Kumar Gupta, Influence of surface wettability and selection of coating material for enhancement of heat transfer performance, Materials Today: Proceedings, (2021) (Scopus Indexed)

3. Ashish Mogra, Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Krishna Kumar Gupta, Enhancement of Boiling Heat Transfer Performance Using Nano Coating-A Review, Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences 71, Issue 1 (2020) 100-116. (Scopus Indexed)

4. Ashish Mogra, Pankaj Kumar Pandey and Krishna Kumar Gupta, Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of a Class Room for Effective Utilization of Position of Air Conditioning System, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 810, 012029, (2019) (Scopus Indexed)

5. Ashish Mogra and Krishna Kumar Gupta , A Review on New Technology in Internal Combustion Engine- HCCI engine. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 810, 012054, (2019).(Scopus Indexed)

6. Krishna Kumar Gupta and Ashish Mogra, Effect of Stratified Charge Compression Ignition on Emission and Power Output- A Review. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 810, 012026, (2019). (Scopus Indexed)

7. Mogra, A., Gupta, K.K. , Dhengre, N., "A finite element analysis of exhaust pipe of an automobile made of different materials."International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development, Dec 2018, 205-210. (Scopus Indexed)

8. Nishant dhengre, Ashish mogra & Ankit gupta, "Investigating Behaviour of Multi-Clutch Plate Frictional Materials using ANSYS”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 13, Number 16 (2018) pp. 12657-12662.

9. Nishant dhengre, Ashish mogra, Satish verma & Ankit gupta, "Design and manufacturing of mecanum wheel for Omnidirectional robot”, International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD) Special Issue, Aug 2018, 14-19.(Scopus Indexed)

10. Ashish Mogra, M.Ramchandra, Hemant B Mehta, "Experimental Investigation on Droplet Formation through a Minichannel Y- Junction”, IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 377,(2018) 012189.(Scopus Indexed)

11. Satish Kumar Verma , Ashish Mogra, "Analysis of Filling in Thin Section by FEM Based Simulation for LM6 Material”, Materials Today: Proceedings 5 (2018) 5947–5954. (Scopus Indexed)

12. Tiju .T. Thomas, Manish M Narkhede , Bhushan S Patil, Ashish Mogra, "Analysis Of Wind Turbine Blade Having I Shaped Spar Using Both Epoxy Fiber And Carbon Fiber Using FEM”, Materials Today: Proceedings 4 (2017) 2573–2579. (Scopus Indexed)

13. Ashish Mogra, Satish Verma, "Development of Small Scale Pilot Biodiesel Plant and Production of Biodiesel with Jatropha Oil”, REST Journal on Emerging trends in Modelling and Manufacturing, 2(3) 2016, 78-81.

14. Ashish Mogra, Satish Verma, Thomas T, "Fabrication of square microchannel for experimental investigation of two phaseflow using conventional machining process”, Recent trends in engineering and material science, Prespectives in science, volume 6 2016 p.p. 231-233.

15. Manish Pujara, Lav Kumar, Ashish Mogra,"Two phase flow void fraction measurement using image processing technique”, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering & Technology (IJMET), Volume 4, Issue 3, May-June 2013, 130-135.

Paper Presented:-

1. Ashish Mogra, Tiju Thomas, Rakesh Chaudhari, "Investigation of Effect of Addition of Alumina Nano particles in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers Composite”, International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials, Manufacturing and Machine Learning (RAMMML 2022 – Online), 26th and 27th April 2022, Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

2. Ashish Mogra, Nishant Dhengre, Manoj Chaudhari, "Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Sustainable Development of Environment- A review”, National Conference on Next Generation Technological Advancements: Vision – 2050, (NCITA-2022), 21st – 22nd January 2022, Aravali Institute of Technical Studies, Udaipur.

3. Ashish Mogra, Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Krishna Kumar Gupta, Sugam Shivhare, Vivekanand Bagal, "Development and Characterization Cu-Al2O3 Nanocomposite Coating using Electrodeposition Process on Copper Surface”, International Conference on Advanced Materials and Mechanical Characterization (ICAMMC 2021) (VIRTUAL) 2nd - 4th December, SRM University.

4. Ashish Mogra, Manoj Chaudhari, Nishant Dhengre, ‘’Experimental Investigation of Energy and Exergy on Compression Ignition Engine using Hybrid Biodiesel’’, National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering (NCAME), 27th -28th May 2021, S. V. National Institute of Technology, Surat.

5. Mihir Mehta, Chirag Taneja, Vaibhav Gupta, Ashish Mogra, Ankush Sharma , "Fabrication and finite element analysis of carbon fibre reinforced components used in automobile structure: A Concise Review” , International Conference on Recent Innovations & Technological Development in Mechanical Engineering (RITDME-2018) , April 6-7 2018, Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre, Jaipur (Raj)

6. Tiju Thomas, Manish M Narkhede , Bhushan Patil, Ashish Mogra "Analysis of wind turbine blade having I shaped spars using and carbon fibre using FEM”, 5th International Conference on Material Processing and Characterization(ICPMC-2016) jointly organized by MANIT Bhopal & GRIET hyderbad.

7. Ashish Mogra, Hemant B Mehta, Jyotirmay Banerjee, "Experimental investigation on two phase flow through mini channel with different orientations.”, 5th International and 41st National Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power held during December 12-14, 2014 at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

8. Ashish Mogra, Hemant B Mehta, Anil Gorasiya, "A review on various techniques for fabrication of microchannel” in National Conference on Advances of Mechanical Engineering (NCAME-2012), Supported by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi, Govt. Of India, at MIT, Mandsaur on 26th -27th Nov.2012

9. Ashish Mogra, Pankaj Ahir,"A case study on Implementation of Lean Manufacturing in Cement Industry ” in All India seminar on Advances in Manufacturing technologies and challenges of the Decade Ahead(AMTCDA-2011) organized by Institution of Engineers (India) at CTAE, Udaipur on June 18th -19th, 2011.

10. Ashish Mogra, Pankaj Ahir , Rahul kumar, "The Prolongation of Biodiesel production in India”, in The Renewable Energy Sources-A Plausible Solution to Looming Energy Crisis, sponsored by ministry of new and renewable energy, govt. Of India, at SITE, nathdwara, rajsamand (Raj) on 25th -26th June 2011.


Student project funded by the "Department of Science & Technology Raj.” In the year of 2011-12.

Extra Mention

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified training for quality improvement

Master in Data Science (pursuing)


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