NMIMS Chandigarh is committed to providing students with state-of-the-art facilities that blend technology, innovation, and practical learning to prepare them for the challenges of the future. Visit our labs to witness first-hand the dynamic environment where theory meets application, shaping the next generation of skilled professionals.

Explore the cutting-edge facilities at NMIMS Chandigarh, where our computer labs, physics lab, and 3D printing lab are at the forefront of technological innovation:

  • Computer Labs: Our computer labs feature high-end, all-in-one PCs powered by i5 processors, providing students with a seamless and powerful computing experience. Each computer is equipped with legal software, ensuring a conducive environment for academic pursuits and hands-on learning.
  • 3D Printing Lab: Step into the future with our 3D printing lab, where students have the opportunity to work with actual 3D printers to bring their creative ideas to life. This hands-on experience allows students to design, prototype, and manufacture real-world models, fostering innovation and practical skills.
  • Physics Lab: In our physics lab, students have access to the latest hardware and equipment, creating a dynamic space for conducting experiments and exploring the fundamental principles of physics. The lab is designed to provide a hands-on learning experience, enhancing theoretical knowledge with practical application.
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